Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist (CNMT)
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Zero Balancer

All Started When…

At age 13, my horse Tabby had a complicated tick-removal surgery on her ear. After the surgery, she was anxious about being touched near or on her ear, and she became difficult to groom and hard to soothe.

In my determination to help, I noticed a woman at the barn whose horse was incredibly relaxed and easy to work with. I asked the woman how she managed to keep her horse so happy. It turned out she was an equine massage therapist. Her horse had been receiving regular massages.

I was amazed! Then she gave me an incredible gift, a step-by-step do-it-yourself book on equine massage, which I read cover to cover and followed to the letter with Tabby. Within the first session, Tabby became so relaxed, I could have probably stuck my whole hand in her ear. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to help people feel better with massage.

The real work began after I graduated from Brandeis and enrolled in The Healing Touch Institute. It was a small school, and my class had only eight students. I loved it and learned so much. But, after a brief internship, I realized that while I enjoyed giving massages, I wanted to help people with specific injuries and pain issues.

 Luckily, I was introduced to neuromuscular massage therapy through a network of bodyworkers in my area. I went back to school and learned everything I could from several prominent teachers in the vicinity. I was immediately hired by a local practice where I spent a good amount of time honing my craft and taking a lot of continuing education courses, including learning Zero Balancing and Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening.

In that time, I learned how to treat a myriad of specific issues and built relationships with hospitals and sports medicine facilities. I gave/give talks to other clinicians and bodyworkers and maintained a successful practice.

Now I am ecstatic to bring my office to western Massachusetts! I love the area and have been meeting such wonderful people.

I still ride horses, and on occasion, I am called in to perform equine massage. I also am an avid beekeeper. These two activities keep me close to nature and help me reflect and be grateful for this life, for our bodies, and the great wide everything!