I have been an athlete in my youth and have worked hard the last 20 years to stay fit, active, and healthy. I cross train; bicycling, free weights, power walk, treadmill, elliptical machine, balance work and stretching. I have found massage to be an aid to my health regimen.

Jessica Kern has brought a new dimension to my staying injury-free and keeping my body in balance. Her ability to focus on the root causes of restrictions, minor inflammations and stiffness has made a significant contribution to my staying consistently active with my routines and she has freed up areas that have been underutilized for years to create greater flexibility and mobility. She has a deep knowledge of the physiology of the body and in particular the complex interconnection of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. She is able to analyze pain in one area that is actually caused by an issue somewhere else that has a knock on effect.

I appreciate her explanations of the work she is doing and why; so that I can learn what we are focusing so I can do more for myself in managing my wellness. She takes time and with patience educates me so that my knowledge increases, often using metaphors that helps with my real understanding.

I am able to do more physically and my level of fitness has improved with the support of Jess.”-
— S.A., Athlete
Jess is good! She has a real feel for the body and can dig out all my stress, tightiness, and pain. When I had a sports injury to my shoulder and elbow, her massage and therapy reduced the pain and restored my range of motion. Not only did she work right at the injury, but also on all the parts of the body connected to the injury (and even on muscles I didn’t know I had!). Jess is a great person who will make you feel at ease, answer all your questions, and use her extensive knowledge to root out what ails you. I’d definitely recommend her.”
— W.C., Martial Artist
“I started seeing Jess within a few months of a surgery before which the doctor had stated that I wouldn’t be able to run more than 50 miles/week again. I didn’t realize then that I would be building an enduring collaboration whose goal was returning my body to the state of a fine-tuned machine and maintaining it. In the ensuing five years since that surgery, I’ve been able to tackle some physical challenges the surgeon wouldn’t have imagined, such as a month-long trek in Greenland, a marathon on Mount Everest and a >50mile ultramarathon. Jess is not only brilliant at the execution of massage techniques, but also at maintaining a dialogue with me on how to steer her work. During the course of my treatments with her, she has also impressed as she has continued to expand her breadth & depth of knowledge and has introduced new techniques into our sessions. Because of Jess, I’ve been able to pursue personal athletic goals that wouldn’t have been possible without her.”
— T.D., Runner
Jessica was recommended to me by a friend after I had injured my lower back in a work-related accident. I had sought help from several different professionals who employed techniques of physical therapy, chiropractics, and active release therapy without much relief. My first visit to Jessica impressed me beyond words as she navigated my injury with a precision I had not yet experienced. Her commitment to my treatment and attention to the detail of my specific injury was remarkable. Jessica went beyond addressing the injury source, and relieved crowded and damaged muscle groups that were being affected peripherally, bringing me back to a neutral place I could focus on healing the right pain from. Through her erudite physiological understanding, accessible explanations, and commitment to the care of my case, I have made substantial progress in my path to recovery. I lead an extremely active life as a bicycle commuter, to a physical job, with adventuresome recreational pursuits, and the injury was preventing me from pursuing the life I love. Today I am back on my bike, lifting boxes, and climbing and hiking with the same vitality I had before I was put out. I would recommend Jessica’s care to anyone seeking a path to physical comfort, health, and balance.”
— J.C., Athlete